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DISCLAIMER: I haven't been into this scene since LiveJournal so I highly apologize if any of my formatting is messed up or I've missed something.

Name: Sparx
E-mail: xenophile100@outlook.com
Preferred Contact: PM or the hmd/contact post I have on this journal
Timezone: EST
Current Characters in Victory Road: None!

Name: Youmu Konpaku
Series: Touhou Project
Timeline: Post-ISC (Impossible Spell Card)
Canon Resource Links: Youmu at the EN Touhou Wiki.

Her stage in Perfect Cherry Blossom, Her Scenario alongside her mistress Yuyuko in Imperishable Night, Her Story in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, and Her Scenario in Ten Desires.

Everything else is spin off games and literature appearances which you can find on the first link. I just figured I'd put down the links to each of her game appearances in case you needed a more expansive history.

Personality: Youmu Konpaku is, without a doubt, one of the most diligent and hard working characters within the entire Touhou Project. She takes the position as the straight man to her mistress, Yuyuko Saigyouji's funny man and exhibits a work ethic far beyond her years. Her job as gardener of Hakugyokurou is proof enough that she doesn't slack off like certain other flower incident causers, and when people around her exhibits signs of laziness she exhibits irritation. She is also very stubborn and has a one track mind when she's truly focusing on something. She will see many things to the end and if you get in her way, there's a good chance you'll be at the end of one of her twin blades. Youmu is, regardless, still young (in terms of being a half-human half-phantom that is) and it shows in more than just her appearance. She's naive to the ways of the world (most likely not only due to her age but also her commitment to Yuyuko who rarely leaves Hakugyokurou) and due to this ignorance it doesn't take too much effort from most people to be able to trick or manipulate her.

Once she finds out she's being led by the nose, however, she'll bust out the snide comments and snark with the best of them. Youmu can recognize absurdity very easily due to dealing with someone like Yuyuko Saigyouji, and has a mouthful whenever someone does something so out of place it gets on her last nerve but honestly she's just blowing smoke. She's not highly threatening and she does what Yuyuko asks of her with a groan and a whine, but the point is that it still gets done. She does not show signs of impatience either, though you can't rightly perform your duty as a gardener while being impatient. She could wait for hours if she had to, though it's not super extraordinary. Her patience level is slightly above average, but even she has her limits. She's also very, very feisty. Due to her habit of not doing anything half-assed, Youmu kind of goes above and beyond the call of duty in every aspect of life. Because of this, she tires herself out far more often and far too quickly, which bites her in the ass. You could infer that due to this she is easily excitable, but not so easily winded.

The sturdiness she's gained from being a master of the sword helps in this department considerably. One of the more immediately noticeable traits Youmu has is that she's a hard girl to read at first. She has a neutral look on her face most of the time and due to being a quiet person content to not ruffle anyone's feathers, she does need a bit of pushing to get herself interacting with others. When she does, however, she is a polite, easy going and well mannered girl. Without anything upsetting her, she'll use the right titles and exude the level of respect most well-intentioned strangers have. Rile her up, and she will go off the handle and start spitting out vitriol. Picking apart someone's shortcomings or character flaws is something she tends to do when upset or being snarky, just trying to find something to throw into someone else's face and upset them. It's childish, but she's a young girl so it fits. Youmu is also blunt and doesn't like to mince words, getting to the point quickly so that the conversation can go forward. She dislikes types who ramble on for centuries and hates people who tend to play around with others for their own amusement.

It's not her jam and she'd prefer it if it's not your jam too. One final thing of note is the enigmatic, mysterious figure named Youki Konpaku. Usually headcanoned to be Youmu's grandfather, this was her sword teacher and the one who raised her until the age she is currently. I use headcanon to say she misses his presence but due to Youki being called "stubborn, prideful, and intimidating" by ZUN he didn't leave enough of a positive impact for her to yearn for his presence again. Yuyuko Saigyouji is also a very important figure in her life, someone she would die halfways to protect and someone she holds near and dear to her heart. If I was wearing shipping goggles I'd say it's love but canonically it's just admiration for the time being. This will be relevant if a Yuyuko comes in but I doubt that so I'm just putting this down for posterity's sake.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer.
Starter: Duskull.
Password: Atomic Fireball.

RP Sample: Placeholder.

Victory Road Sample: Placeholder.
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So hi guys.

I used to use LiveJournal as a personal blogging system way back when I was younger and I only just got into the swing of roleplay before everything on LJ tanked. I doubt anyone is going to remember me, so if you don't recognize the alias Sparx then you're not going to recognize me. If you do, sweet, nice to see you again!

I have no clue what direction the RP community went in, whether games are journal/community based, or how people communicate anymore. If someone could help me out that's grand but if not that's fine too. I'm sure I'll figure things out.

I'm using this as both a critique post and a place for you to contact me. The best way to contact me is dropping a post here or PMing me, and I promise I'll respond to one of the two.

Right now I'm just going to play Youmu since I've been into Touhou since the PC-98 era (I know, right? I still remember a friend translating SoEW for me a long time ago then noticing a more popular one got released.) and she's been my favorite character since I first got into things.


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